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About Therapy

Taking the first step is not always easy...

Many issues you struggle with may stem from loss, a loss can and does cause a fluctuation of emotions that feel impossible to manage and like they are encompassing all of you and all of your life. Loss can derive from a multitude of experiences, such as:

Loss of relationship or loved one


Loss of trust

Loss of control

Loss of health, ability, independence

Loss of job, career, income, status, responsibility, position.

Loss of a dream

Trapped potential.

Loss of identity

Fear has the potential to limit and to lessen the ability to participate fully in one’s

life. If fear is left unchecked, the resulting dependency can result in irrationality and the

loss of autonomy. Fear can also cause the loss of relationships and connections through

the isolation that fear-based decisions often create. 

Thinking about counselling ?

I can offer solace within this time of your life and assist you in the journey of making some sense of it all.

Call or text me on 07802418588, or email me at


I have spent the past 27 years raising a family and working in the Health Care & Education Sector. My on-going training involves: 

PHD Counselling Self-Injury, Social Work, Care and Community

Ba Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy.

AST SandPlay

Ba Hons Childhood studies, including family structure.

FdA in Counselling.

Level 4 Family Law,

Level 4 Criminal Law

Level 3 Certificate in Childcare.

Level 2 and 3 Children's Counselling.

Level 3 Education & Training.

Certificate in Education

Diploma in Childhood Studies

Sexual Violence



Working with Male sexual Offenders

Jungian Adult and Child Sandplay therapy

Safeguarding adults.


Equality & Diversity.


Hidden Harm

Understanding Autism

Speech & Language disorders in Pre-school children.

Joanna Naxton Mphil, MBACP, BA Hons, Dip Coun, Cert Ed

I am fully insured & DBS checked and regularly meet with a Supervisor.

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