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Sandplay - a specialised type of counselling


I am able to offer you an effective and creative way of exploring problems and issues. This type of therapeutic work does not rely on speech, instead is a non verbal approach using objects, such as those illustrated known as 'symbols'.

When words fail us, sand-play therapy offers an extremely effective but powerful, yet safe way of journeying towards deeper feelings for both adults and children alike.

How does it work?

The wonder of Sandplay  (the world technique) is that it allows introverted individuals / children to  address and express rage in an immediate and non threatening manner. What takes place in sandplay work is highly complex and requires a trained therapist. Sandplay works at a deep level of the psyche and can be profoundly provocative.


Research in Neuro-biology suggests that memories are stored in the limbic system (the right hand side of the brain where they cannot easily be accessed by words alone). Sand-play, being a non-verbal approach to therapy means that you or your child can tap into a deeper self which is pre-verbal and unconscious. As you select minatures / figures and create your world in the sand tray meaning can be given to the symbols chosen and form a link to your brain and the neuropathways to be 're-written' and re-structured offering a new way of thinking.

The tray is designed to fill our field of vision and become a world or picture completely designed and created by you! You use the numerous objects I have in the room which can represent / be whatever you want or need them to be. This process alone, in a 'Free and Protected Space' created and maintained and contained by me, has the potential to facilitate the psyche's capacity for healing.

What happens -

While you work in the tray creating your images / world, I will sit nearby making a note, mentally and sometimes on paper the process in the sand. I will take a photograph of the tray when you or your child are done and study these to deepen my understanding of your symbolic work in your tray. You will know when you are finished and we will not really discuss this process or what you create - the process alone is the work towards healing. The process or what you do in the tray may not even make any sense but can illuminate your internal symbolic world working at many levels - especially within a pre-verbal and deeply embedded part of your personal and collective, unconscious brain.

After the tray, you / we or your child can continue with the therapeutic process by means of a talking therapy.



Sand play stems for the world renowned work of Carl Jung and a Swiss therapist called Dora Kalff. 


Sand-play therapy can be helpful if you are experiencing:

* Low self-esteem

* Loss & Grief

* Anxiety

* Depression

This form of counselling can be useful if you have trouble expressing yourself through talking or if you have trouble expressing your feelings due to trauma or abuse.

Sandplay - A powerful therapeutic tool for healing.


Sand play is valuable for all ages, young and old!


If you want to discuss any part of how Sand-play can help you or your child, then feel free to call me on 07802418588

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