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Individual relational therapy 

Private & Confidential space to talk 


Work place counselling

Offering employers the chance to give their employees space to talk.


Children's Counselling

Therapeutic Areas






Social Anxiety

Sexual Violence

Child Sexual Abuse



Self Esteem

Self Harm

Negative Thoughts


Work Stress

Relationship breakdown.

Attachment Issues


Online Services available.


Many clients I work with prefer to walk and talk, finding that this way of working through their thoughts allows freedom to explore.

What to expect...

The process normally begins with a meeting to ascertain your needs and explore what it is that you hope that counselling can do for you. During this first session we can talk through any concerns you may have, timescales and agree a preferred payment method and decide if you feel that I am the kind of therapist you want to see, as not everyone suits everybody.

Following this, sessions will be offered weekly at a time convenient to you. Appointments can be arranged on an evening as well as on a weekend and sessions are usually 60 minutes, held online or at the therapy room.

The sessions are for you to explore whatever is going on for you and speak freely with a fellow human being whose desire is to be wholly available for you.

I aim to create an environment where appropriate counselling is offered depending on your needs. One or two sessions may be adequate for you or we may decide that a longer term therapeutic relationship is desired. Everyone is different, everyone is an individual whose needs are unique.

I remember travelling to my very own first counselling session and recall how scared and yet exhilarated I felt on that day. I didn't know what to expect and some days I thought I had nothing to say. Other days I thought I would drive the therapist crazy with everything I had to say - time slipped by, she sat with my tears and laughed with my joy. I learnt that this is how it is and that, that too was OK. My own life has had its share of loss and trauma which means I know how valuable another committed individual is when times seem unbearable or confusing.

I aim to assist you in finding your own answers, I can walk with you, sit with you and explore the turmoil and embrace the happy parts of the counselling journey. There is no 'right' way - just your way.

I aim to offer an ethical service which means I attend monthly supervision to oversee the service that I offer clients. I consistently endeavour to inform and improve my practice which means that I attend regular training and hold Professional Insurance.


Therapeutic Programmes are available to meet you or your child's needs. 

Are you experiencing divorce or separation, embroiled within a deeply distressing family court process?

Having to liaise with solicitors, guardians, social workers, CAFCASS and Early intervention teams can you leave you feeling unheard, alone, confused, overwhelmed and lonely. I have 7 years experience of the court process and all that this involves, including family law and criminal law. Although my role is not to advise or recommend, I can be with you during that process as an individual to listen without judgement or scrutiny. 



Pre-Bereavement / Bereavement / Crisis services. Extended Therapy Hours.


When I first went to therapy I was offered 5 hours of talking a crisis through. No judgments, no watching the clock, just time to offer me. To get everything off my chest for the first time ever. I did this for three weeks and I absolutely know that this was the catalyst to my new journey towards knowing 'me' just a little bit more and helped me work through in my mind what was happening to me at that time. Because of this I offer extended therapeutic solace to meet individual needs.

Please inquire for full details.

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