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Totally recommend!! Crazy, powerful, in a good way!! I loved yesterday's training Jo! x


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“Thank you, Joanna, for facilitating the recent ‘Working with Self-Injury Workshop’.  This course increased my understanding of the differences between the practice of self-injury and self-harm as well as broaden awareness of my own visceral processing.  I was particularly interested in the way you invited your audience to consider the different philosophies of ‘The Self’, and how we might consider these theories in our related client work.  Overall, I found the day to be well-balanced in terms of theory/presentation, group interaction, and personal reflection and I would thoroughly recommend this course to fellow counselling/mental-health professionals to gain a deeper appreciation of this practice.  I look forward to the next event!  Thanks again.  ”

Caron Waddington

Crystal Salt
Hide and Seek

RSACC - Workshop Feedback

The feedback I have received from the team has been amazing! They have described the day as inspiring, enriching, and thought provoking amongst other positive things. I am so disappointed that I missed it and I know that other counsellors who were also unable to attend feel the same.  


The presentation slides are really helpful

Dr Bunny Forsyth

I have known Joanna for 15 years and she has an incredible skill set, whilst being a genuinely empathic and kind person. I think her many years of experience as a childminder with her naturally person centred approach has given her a talent for being able to connect with people in need of help and support. I would trust Joanna absolutely and know she has a therapeutic approach based on sound principles. Being a mum to 5 children and having managed all sorts of issues herself means her ability to appreciate complex problems and help others see a way through. Jo is someone I would have no hesitation in recommending for therapy, she is a wonderful person, calm, patient, trustworthy and committed to helping others.
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